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The building is positioned near the highly desirable area of St. Katherine's. The docks offer spectacular waterfront views and great dining. A lot of the restaurants have outdoor seating. You will find a number of high-end boats and yachts docked nearby. There are also a number of boating specialty stores and outfitters, excellent for souvenirs or unusual gifts. Tower Bridge is worth walking across just to view the River Thames. You can also visit Tower Bridge Exhibition, which allows you to tour the iconic bridge from within and view the Victorian engine rooms.

Closest Places from Apartments are

The Tower of London is very nearby the property. With its rich history as both a castle and a prison, it holds a long connection to British monarchy, especially in the 16th and 17th century. First built by William the Conqueror, it is worth visiting to understand the complex political and military history.

The Crown Jewels are also housed in the Tower of London. Though you may have to stand in queue, it is well worth the wait to see some of the world's largest and finest cut stones, which have been worn by different monarchs over the centuries.

Tower Bridge, a pleasant stroll gives breath-taking views of Thames River and the banks of the city.

You can also find St. Katherine's docks nearby.

Bank provides the closest high-end shopping just next to the Royal Exchange, where you will find designer shops.

Brick Lane, this long stretch of cobbled pavement has some of the best Asian and Indian restaurants in the UK. It is a lively area, where food stalls and restaurants regularly compete with each other for customers. Expect loud, colourful market scenes reminiscent of a bygone era.