Area Guide:

Together with Kensington, Chelsea makes up the eponymous Royal Borough and fittingly it's main street is King's Road which was named after Charles II whose private property it was.

With an even more salubrious area (Knightsbridge) lying to the north and a gleaming river embankment running along it's south side, Chelsea ranks probably alongside it's aforementioned neighbour as the most picturesque and stereotypically preserved area in London. It's immaculate terraced houses drip with purple wisteria in the summer and the smaller streets exude a distinct villagey charm.

Ever since the King's Road made a splash in the 1970's, Chelsea's shops and designers have continued to present their particularly English take on high style and fashion. The shops along Sloane Street are dominated by the global fashion labels but funkier shops and more adventurous outlets exist along the King's and Fulham Roads were the spirit of Vivienne Westwood's long-gone boutique (the shop that saw the birth of punk) lives on.

It may or may not be significant that the transformation of Chelsea Football Club from a stylish but perennial under-achiever to a global trophy-winning machine has taken place at Stamford Bridge in the more functional environs of Fulham.

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